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Microsoft Excel 2016 Bootcamp - Zero to Hero Training

Using pre-made templates

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 1 of 24

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All right, this is a quick one, just to remind you that there are a bunch of templates built into Excel. Find them online, just to get started.

You might be put in charge of holy crap, I've got to go off and I've got to make, I don't know, a profit/loss sheet. So when you open it up, it comes up under this featured options. And you can type in 'Profit', I'll just type in 'Profit Loss'. And there are lots of templates ready to go.

Now, you might not like the styling of them, they’re not perfect, but it might just have the calculations in there with the formulas that you can rob out of it, say that you are-- we just did that thing with our quotes, or say you want to make an invoice, you might not like any of these because you're going to style them all perfect, but you can open one up and get started with this.

Maybe, the only thing you want out of here is to go through, and actually just grab the formulas out of the 'Total' here. You can just grab the formulas in bits and pieces, that you need.  So don't be afraid, there are lots of options in here.

Sometimes, you need to use the language correctly. You might be calling it something in your country, but it's called generically something else in the US, I think, US.

Say you need to make a schedule, instead of making it, type in 'Schedule', and pick from the thousands of templates to get started. You'll find something that's close enough. And you can go and adjust with your mad new Excel skills that we're learning.

All right, don't forget about templates. I cheat all the time, and start with them, and work backwards.

That's it for this video, on to the next one.