Dreamweaver - HTML and CSS Using Dreamweaver

How to update CSS

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 18 of 34

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Editing a CSS rule

  1. Follow these steps if you want to edit your H1 (or Heading 1) style
  2. In your CSS Designer panel
  3. Choose main.css from your Sources section.
  4. Select h1 from the Selectors
  5. Adjust your settings in the Properties panel. 

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Hi, and welcome to the Dreamweaver tutorial. My names Daniel Walter Scott and I’m a trainer here at Bring Your Own Laptop.

In this video tutorial we are going to look at updated an existing CSS. That might be that you’ve already created it earlier in this tutorial series or you might be having somebody else’s web site that your updating. So to update a CSS what you need to do is to have your cursor selected in the style that you’d like to change and what will happen on the right hand side here is Dreamweaver should be clever enough to explain which tags being styled. You can see here its told me its my h1 thats being styled.

What I can do now is move though and if I want to change the text properties for this CSS, you’ll see here are my styles again for me to go and adjust. What you can do is go via code, which we briefly looked at in the last tutorial. If I want to update this h1, I know its an h1 so I want to go and style this h1 CSS. I can go to the CSS sheet in the top right hand corner, so I’ve clicked on main.css and I can have a look through my list and see if I can find the h1. In here I can see the colour theres the font and theres the weight and there the size. And say that I want to change in here from normal to bold. I’ve got to make sure the language is spelled right this is where using CSS can be a little more tricky.

I can’t accidentally delete the semi colon at the end and if I do, well Dreamweaver will probably handle that but some browsers won’t. Here you can see that Dreamweaver is dealing with it just fine but if I upload it to my website I’m likely to cause trouble for, especially older browsers that can’t deal with any sort of problems.

Alright so how to edit your CSS you can either select it in here and you can see if I clicked inside my P tag it should drop me down to everything I’ve styled with a p or I can do it by clicking the main. CSS in the related documents bar and adjusting it in here.

Alright, thanks for that and I’ll see you in the next tutorial