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Adding Images

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Adding images

  1. Have your page open. 
     Note: We'll be using the index.html file from the previous tutorial.
  2. With your cursor flashing at the top of your page choose Insert > Image > Image.
  3. Find > Dreamweaver Exercise Files > Sample Images > vintage1-logo.jpg
  4. In your properties panel ensure you type in the alt text “Vintage Camper Van Hire”.
     Note: Alt Text or Alternative Text is used by screen readers to describe the image to people that are visually impaired. Google also likes the use of Alt text.

  5. With your cursor flashing under the first paragraph choose Insert > Image > ‘vintage2-image.jpg’
     Note: The images can be found in the exercise files here.
  6. Enter your alt text “Combi Caravan”
  7. Put a final image after the second paragraph. 'vintage3-footer.png'.
  8. Enter your alt text “Kombi Caravan” 
    Finished Example: 

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Dreamweaver tutorial 07: How to add images JPG, PNG, GIF to a website.

Hi, Welcome, My name is Daniel Walter Scott. I am a trainer here at Bring Your Own Laptop. This course is designed for people who are new to Dreamweaver and Web Design. The topic we are covering today is: Inserting images to a website 
When you create images you need a software package like Photoshop or Fireworks or Gimp for example. In this tutorial we are going to look at inserting them once we have created them. 
We are going to use files that are already created for this tutorial. What you should do now if you have not already done so, is go and download the exercise files. Once you have downloaded them you will be able to insert some of the images that go with this tutorial.

How to insert an image

So I want to insert an image above the word ‘vintage campers’ here. So I’m going to put a return here and have my cursor just above where it says ‘vintage campers’. Then I’m going to go to ‘insert’ –‘image’-‘image’. So I’ve got my images that I’ve downloaded on my desktop under ‘sample images’. So I’m looking for the image called ‘vintage 1’. So I’m going to bring in this jpeg. Go to ‘open’ and it has brought it straight in. In older versions, CS5 or CS6, they used to have it saved in ‘alt text’. In CC its moved down here.

What is image ALT text?

You have to remember that every time you move an image that you put in ‘alt text’. This means ‘alternative text’. It is used for people who are visually imapired. You describe things because they can’t see the text. They have programs that run online and through their computers that describe websites to them. You have to make sure that you have good clear key words. We are going to write in ‘vintage camper logo’. So you need to do 2 things. You need to describe it right and make sure to use good key words. This is because Google uses ‘Alt text’ to decide what the image is about too. So you could write in something like ‘blue gradient logo’ but this won’t help our strategy for our website. We want to rank well for ‘vintage campers’, not for ‘blue gradient logo’. We want to use descriptive words that help us to get good key words in to our website.

Adding ALT text to an existing website

Make sure that you have alt text on all of your images. If you have a website that is already existing, you can type in the alt text afterwards. Go in to ‘Dreamweaver’, click on the image and then in ‘alt text’ adjust it to be more key word rich. 
I’m going to put in another image. So I’m going to put a return in just after it here, then I’m going to go to ‘insert’ again, then ‘image’ and then ‘image’ again. Go to my desk top to my Dreamweaver exercise files then ‘sample images’ and ‘vintage 2’. Then I’m going to write in my alt text. It’s going to be ‘VW combi van’. 
Then just above the word ‘copyright’, I’m going to click ‘return’. Then go to ‘insert’-‘image’-‘image’ then go to my desktop, ‘sample images’ and the last image I want you to insert is ‘vintage 3 footer’. In alt text im going to write ‘The CamperVan Association’.


What you don’t want to do is label your alt text all the same. Your key words need to relate to your website. Google uses these words to rank your website.