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Connecting via FTP

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Dreamweaver tutorial 13: Connecting to your host via FTP

To put the files we’ve created on the web we need to upload them to a web host. There are many web hosting companies available. Once you have selected one that is suitable for you, you will receive FTP details from them. Normally they are emailed to you. You’ll need these details so you can upload your files and make them accessible to the world.

  1. Choose Site > Manage Sites
  2. Select the site you want to update. In this case it is Example Website
  3. Choose Edit

  4. Choose the small + button just above the ‘Help’ button.
  5. Enter in the details below

    Note: This screenshot is only here as an example. You should be using your own hosting details here.
  6. Choose Save

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Hi, Welcome,

My name is Daniel Walter Scott. I am a trainer here at Bring Your Own Laptop.

The topic we are covering today is: Connecting Via FTP

In the previous tutorial we had a quick look at what is a domain name and what is hosting. Now that you’ve signed up you would have got an e-mail and that e-mail will give you details regarding how to set up what is called your FTP. It’s the most common way of connecting you Dreamweaver files to your host so that your world can see your website.

So start by opening the mail you received from your new host, which contains your FTP information. So to hook up Dreamweaver to your site, Click Site > manage sites
Then a list will appear, Double click on Example-tutorial

The name and local site folders were covered in an earlier tutorial; this is where it is stored on your computer.

Click Server

Click “+” button

Here you will fill in the details received in the e-mail into this screen.

All host send slightly different information so this part can be hard to set up. 
Server name: completely up to you. Example: digital pacific hosting

Connect using: FTP

FTP Address: This can be one of a several, example FTP.yourdomain.com. Replace yourdomain with your website name, or yourdomain.com, or www.yourdomain.com or it can also be in the form of an IP address i.e.

Username: this should be in the e-mail received from the host, this will either look like a username i.e. username1 or it can also look like an e-mail address i.e. [email protected]

Password: this should be in the e-mail received from the host. 
Root directory: try blank first, if blank does not work try public_html

Test the above using the test button.

Once Test has been pressed and the result is “successfully connect to your server” then you have completed this step.

If you are splitting your host into little pieces, add in your domain i.e. public_html/yourdomain

Web URL: This will be completed automatically from the other information you have filled in.

Test your sever connection again using the Test button

If your connection has been unsuccessful, Click on “More Options”

Toggle the available options on and off while continuing to test your connection.

If none of the above works, don’t be afraid to contact your host, as “support” should be included in the package you have subscribed to.

Call is better than e-mail support as e-mail support can be slow and on the phone your host will be able to talk you through the troubleshooting.

Once completed you should be able to click test and connect successfully.