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Dreamweaver tutorial 19: How to update the link font & color using CSS in Dreamweaver CC


Styling Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are normally referred to plainly as links. By default links are styled in blue with an underline. To style the link we'll need to style the tag.


  1. With your CSS Designer panel open choose main.css from Source.
  2. In the Selectors panel click the + button
  3. Choose ‘a’ from the selectors.
  4. From the properties section scroll down until you find & choose a font-color.
  5. To remove the underline choose 'none' from the text-decoration.

    Note: This will style all the links in your document. You can use classes to change individual links. We'll also look at this and another way to style individual links using Div tags later in the course. 

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Hi and welcome to this Dreamweaver tutorial. My name is Daniel Walter Scott and I’m a trainer here at Bring Your Own Laptop.

What we’re going to look at in this tutorial is we’re going to look at styling our links or our Hyperlinks in Dreamweaver. They are these guys here and when clicked they jump to another page. They have some special properties that we’re going to have to remove. So we styled our h1 ‘s which are our heading ones and our h2’s or our heading 2’s and our paragraph tags, our p tags, earlier in our tutorials. Now in this one we’re going to look at these guys. Now these ones come along with a few defaults.

They go blue, they are times new Roman, they are a moderate size and they’ve got this little underline under them. So what we need to do is we need to figure out what the tag is ? Now in the previous tutorials it was easy because we actually made this one in h 1, so we knew it was an h 1 tag and we created this one and called it an h2 so in this one though, these guys get made when we add a hyperlink. They get a tag added to them. How to figure out what tag these guys are so we can style them with our CSS is quite easy.

So, I’ve highlighted the word ‘ home ‘and down the bottom here, this is my tag selector. I love this guy. He tells me what the tags are that applied to this. So the body is the overall part of the website,thats everything that the user see’s. You don’t have to worry too much about the body tag. He is in an un-ordered list,which is a bullet point, and inside this list item which is the dot itself and this is the bit I want to play around with. This is the A, its called the active link. Unfortunately its not easy to guess.

The A tag is what a Hyperlink is. If I style my a tag now, it will style my 1. 2. 3. of my hyperlinks. So lets give that a go. I’ve got my curser flashing in here but it doesn’t really matter where your curser is, you can type it in later. I’m going to make sure its going in on my main dot CSS. I’m going to create a new selector and you can see that its bought threw the whole list but I just want to style the A so I’m going to delete everything thats not the A. Then what I’d like to do is play around with the colour which is an important one, you can see its gone blue. So I’ll zoom out so you can see everything. You can see my hyperlinks over here, there blue,so we’ll go down to text and your CSS designer. Font colour, I’m going to change it to green.

Then I’ll click enter and you can see all my Hyperlinks over here have all gone green, which is perfect. The next bit we’re going to play around with is the font, so I’m going to pick my Gil Sans. Now the last one is the text decoration, its this line underneath it. You can see down here under text decoration, theres my options. I’ve got one called None, there is the underline which is already got applied, there is an over line which I am never sure what to use for and there line through. So what we need to do is say none.

If you leave it blank it’s going to stay with the default which is the Underline but if you say None of these things, if I zoom out now you will see my home, about us and contact us are all the same. Great so that show you style a slightly more unique tabs.

See you in the next tutorial