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Figma UI UX Design Essentials

Class Project 05 - My first animation

Daniel Walter Scott

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Okay, it's class project time, your first animation. So just get that arrow to move, and if you're kind of like new to animation, and you're like, "Man, this is going to be tough," just do the arrow that we did, get it to work on yours, change the arrow up a little bit, you know, get exciting, get a, like a line arrow or reversed arrow, do something a little bit different, but do that and then send me a screenshot, so just kind of like screenshot, these two frames or three frames, if you end up doing more, but yeah, if you're new to it, just do that, nice simple one, we'll get into more animation later on. 

If you are like a little bit keen, and savvy, and brave, I'm happy for you to go a little bit further. So in here it says, you might try something, keep it simple still, don't get things to bounce in and bounce off stuff, multiple keyframes like that is tricky in Figma, but maybe it comes in from the top, maybe using a ball, a square, a tick that comes in, something different, up to you. 

If you did want to do more than one kind of animation, you can have multiple frames, that all kind of have delays, and lead into each other, but again that is for the people who, I don't know, at this stage I come from an animation background-ish, so I'd be like tackling that, but if you're new, just do this simple arrow, and we'll do more later on. 

The other thing is, is that we're just taking screenshots, and uploading them as assignments. I'd love to see your animations, but in Figma, just so you know, there is no like built-in recording part, when you get to here. Be great if this button says, record my stuff, check, it might be there now, but there's not at the moment. 

So I would love to see what your animations are, if you do know how to like record your screen, like I do, I'd love to see either a video uploaded, to something like YouTube or Vimeo, that would be great, or an animated gif, but it can get a little bit tricky, if you haven't done it before, so screenshot is totally fine. 

All right, that is the class project, do your first little animation, be excited, even if it is just a boring old arrow sliding in. All right, into the next video.