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Conclusion for Adobe XD training course

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All right, we're at the end, you made it, I'm here, we're both here. XD is awesome. So, we are finished now. 

Couple of things, is, any comments, use the comments underneath your pages. I'm pretty good at replying. Also, the projects, go and do the class project, leave the link. Leave the JPEGs and comment on anybody else's as well. That sort of feedback really helps everybody get a bit better. 

The other things are, other courses that you might do. I've got courses, probably the main one is 'How to become a UX Designer'. Go check out that course. That goes through a lot more of the theory of the course, of UX. It will go through user research and user testing. We've kind of done the middle bit, the hands-on tools based XD UI design course but the other course, we'll go through more of the theory. 

Other courses that might be useful, there's Illustrator and Photoshop option for doing a similar sort of thing. So UI design for Illustrator, and Web design for Photoshop. Go check out those. If you’re interested in doing a bit more web design, or getting started with web design, there's a lot of Dreamweaver courses. It allows you to prototype in XD, and they actually go and build the website at the end. So go check out those ones. 

Other things is that Instructor HQ has been the project that we worked on during this course. If you are, or want to become an online video course instructor, and you're looking for a platform, check out and sign up for them as part of the process. It's a pretty cool website, at least. So go check out that. 

The last thing is that XD is a newish product for Adobe. So there's lots of features that we really want. So go check out-- it's called You can up vote features like other people. You can suggest features. It just gives them a priority level of what needs to get done next, so that we can make XD better for everyone. 

All right, that's it. The end of the course, end of video-ing. Bye. Not really sure what to do at the end here. I'm going to say goodbye. Bye now.