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Okay, now we're getting into the design phase. We've done some Sitemaps and Wireframes, and they don't look very sexy, now it's sexy time.

We're going to go through and look at where I get my inspiration, you might have yours. This I find is probably the best of all the sites. It's called 'awwwards', but with www in there. Good gig. And it's got sites of the days, and if you make a brilliant site, send it to them, you might get featured, drive some traffic, and you get sweet designer kudos.

It's just got really pretty stuff, lots and lots of pretty stuff. So just spend some time looking through here, and if you're unsure about what-- you might have a specific look you're looking for, might be in Illustrator, go and have a look at other people's illustrations. You've got to use that little icon there, is it? Yes. Everywhere else, if you click, it just opens up a page in awwwards, which is fine, then it gives people's rankings and stuff, but you want to actually look at the page itself. That's a pretty cool site. Mitch Lana. Sorry, Michelle Lana. is a great site. I use, another brilliant one, and I just kind of spend my time going through, going over like that, and start kind of appropriating ideas to build something to get a feeling for what I want to work with. 

Alright, that's inspiration for your web design.