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Am I a UI UX designer now?

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Alright, now the question is, after this course, am I going to be a UI/UX designer? They kind of go hand in hand. They are very different things. After this course, you can say, "Yes, I am a UI designer. I can build user interfaces,” like websites that we're going to be doing, and app design, that is user interface. We use tools like Illustrator amongst other ones that you potentially could use to be a UI designer. 

In terms of UX, User Experience, that is a totally bigger kind of kettle of fish, a different kind of thing. You use UI design as part of the UX designer, but there are lot of other things that make a UX designer. There's a lot more around, kind of like setting objectives, there's research, there's testing, then going through the whole build phase of a project as well. 

We're not going to cover UX design in this course, I've got another full course about being a UX designer, so go check that out. This is focusing more on UI, which is a part of UX, but not the whole thing.