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UI Design Photoshop vs Illustrator vs Sketch vs InDesign vs Adobe XP

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In this video we're going to talk about what products do what, because Adobe has loads of them, and there are some other competitors as well about the way the UI is designed, so let's talk about the main Adobe products.

We'll talk about InDesign versus Photoshop versus Illustrator. Which one you should be using? And what you should be using is either Photoshop or Illustrator. Photoshop has a little advantage over Illustrator, mainly for me, it's something called 'Device Preview', so if you have Photoshop skills-- I've got a full Photoshop course, it's exactly like this Illustrator one doing UI web design so go check that out, but we’re here to learn Illustrator. 

Photoshop has that slight advantage for-- especially web design over Illustrator but not enough to say don't use either of them, they're both pretty awesome.

Illustrator, we're going to look at in this full course, and it's perfect for web and UI, but it also gives you skills in terms of designing logos and symbols, so a lot of people will learn Illustrator because it has dual purpose. You get to use it for a bunch of different stuff, as well as print as well as web.

Let's talk about InDesign. InDesign would be a no go for me, you can do Web Design in it, there's a 'File', 'New Document', you can pick some web features, but it's missing so much of the goodies that help you develop UI for web and apps. I'd use it if you were somebody who only had InDesign skills, the problem with that is that you couldn't get a job as a web designer using InDesign. InDesign's missing too much of the features, it's for documents only, it's more like a big version of Word.

The next kind of the group of them is something called XD, Experience Designer from Adobe. It's new, still on preview, it's really cool, but it's still in preview and it's missing a lot of features. I've used it a couple of times and it's really good, but it's not like a full production product yet, so I'm still using things like Illustrator and Photoshop, whereas XD eventually, I feel will be the product to be using for Web Design, maybe.

That's definitely one that's-- XD's definitely focused more on app development than web, so I think that will be its home, it will be for app developers or app designers. Things like Illustrator and Photoshop will stay for the web design community.


The last product to talk about is something called Sketch. It's outside of the realm of Adobe, it's another competing product. The product is competing most with Experience Designer way, Adobe XD. It's more for app design. So if I was now going to be a fully-fledged-- only going to be doing apps, I'd be making sure my sketch skills were pretty good as well. You can do everything in Illustrator, totally fine, your app developer's not going to hate it. Sketch is quite 'in' at the moment, in terms of looking for jobs. So Sketch is quite a cool product to use, but it's specifically for apps, you can use it for web, there's no problem with that, but I feel Photoshop and Illustrator are better at doing that sort of web stuff, they're a lot more mature products and they have lots of other stuff for doing other things. Sketch is just really specifically for app and web design, whereas the other two products have a lot more scope in terms of other things you can do with those skills.