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Export your full page web ui mockups from Illustrator CC 2017

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In this tutorial we're going to export our different screens, or our different artboards so that we can put them into a PDF, so that we can send them off to the client to see, or for our web designer to maybe give us a costing on, just a nice way to make a PDF straight from Illustrator. Let's go and do that now.

So we've made our super, stupendous, amazing designs. Now we've got to get them out to our clients, to show them, or maybe to our web designer to show them the kind of mock-up we're looking to do, we're going to kind of just export the screens with the artboards first, rather than that little addy-baddy elements. It's really easy to do in the new version of Illustrator, if you're using the earlier version, you're going to have to-- It's not too hard, you can go 'File', 'Save As', and go through and save all the different artboards, but there's this new version, if you go to 'Export, there's this thing called 'Export for Screens', which is really cool. 

If it's on 'Assets', this is not what I want, I want artboards. It's just going to export these three different pages separately. You can export them together as well, and what you can decide on is what kind of file you want, so I want all of them together-- I actually want a full document, maybe one page at the center of them, or I want them separate pages on a PDF. What I want them to be? Where it says 'Format', you can go down to PDF, that's probably the easiest shareable one that we can e-mail to somebody.

Where is it going to go? I've put mine in the exercise files, so you can see. And I'm going to click 'Export'. Click back, relax, and hopefully, there he is there. I've got a desktop, a mobile, and a tablet version. Open them up. It's pulling the names from the artboards that I gave them. Awesome! Lovely!

And if you want to stick them together, and you're in something like Acrobat Pro here, you can go over to 'Organize Pages', and you can say 'Insert', 'From File', and find those other two pages. 'Desktop', 'Exercise Files', you, and you, and stick them in here, reorder them. And I'll save this one, and that can be just the one page document. 

Now, when people open it, they can go to mobile, tablet, and desktop, all in one go. So that's exporting the whole look and feel. This is not the end of it, this is good for the client to sign off, or for the web designer to get an idea of what you're doing, but next of all we need to export all of the little different pieces separately so that we can use them on our website.