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Hi there, my name is Dan, and I'm a Certified Adobe Instructor for Illustrator. In this video series we're going to use Adobe Illustrator to build a web and UI design project together. We'll use a real world project, we'll start with our portfolio. You know the portfolio, the one that you've been planning to build forever but haven't got around to. Let's you and me build that now together. 

I've made this course for beginners. You don't really need any previous knowledge of Illustrator, or any other design experience. 

We'll start with the super basics. It doesn't matter if you want to use Illustrator for app or web design, the techniques are the same. We'll go through the full user interface process. I'll show you how to use Illustrator to build a site map, and then create your first wireframes. We'll then begin to design our mobile tablet and desktop site using website fonts, colors, and responsive images. We'll create our own custom icons and logos, learning how to use the 'Pen' tool, and the amazing 'Shape Builder' tool. 

By the time we’re finished you'll know exactly what's expected of you as a UI designer, delivering responsive Retina images and CSS code, so that your wonderful web design is ready to produce perfectly as a website.

At the end of this tutorial series there is a project, it's got set tasks that you need to do for a fake client, and you can use this as part of your portfolio to help build that out. It's kind of like a homework, except that I'm going to call it career development.

Alright, so it's time to upgrade your skills, get that bit of job, and push the heck out of your clients.

I don't know, they just start waving around when I start talking, like I'm in a musical...