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Illustrator - UI & Web Design using Adobe Illustrator

Your first project - Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

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All right, it is project time, homework time, professional development time, whatever you might want to call it. This bit is super important, I promise you. The people that I teach, I teach a lot of people, it’s the people that do this, like extra step, because you've been following me step by step through this course, which is amazing, and you’ll get the ideas, but it's only about your own practice, where you have to think for yourself, on to your own problems, so this little project I'm going to set for you-- I bet you, the people that do this are the ones that are going to remember, probably later. If you are serious, do this little project, send it in to me, I'd love to see what you do. I’m just saying, it’s a little task to do. I've already written it down.

So, you're going to be doing stuff for a client, it's a small cafe that’s opened in your neighborhood, it's called 'Craft Espresso'. What I'd like you to do is, go to something like 'awwwards', awards with www, three w's, .com, there'll be a link on the screen here somewhere, thanks to Tayla. 

For inspiration, I want you to go do a desktop, a tablet, and a mobile version for them. And I want you to make their logo, and I want you to use the Pen tool or the Shape Builder tool, to build some sort of vector logo, and put their name next to it. I'd like you to use colors for the logo, and for the site. I want you to pick some stuff from adobe color, so,, got another link. Go check that out, pick a color swatch that you're going to use, you can use your own, but you might be new to color picking, so pick that.

Next thing you need to do is, I want you to use two fonts, no more than two, so you have to be precise in your picking, and I want you to pick them from Google Fonts, so I want you to be able to download them, install one in your machine, and you'd be able to use them.

Other things I want you to do is, I want you to use images. Cafes, and coffee shops, there should be some good quality free commercial use, you’re still only studying, so doesn't really matter, but go to, get images wherever you like, take them yourself, go get them back, go get them from there if you want for your site. I want to see that done.

I want to see you create at least one custom icon using the Shape Builder and Pen tool as well, some sort of icon on the site. And I want you to export all the stuff at the end there, so go through that process of exporting everything that is that vector shape, or pars, or scalable. I want that to be in SVG. And any sort of photographs that you're using, I want those to be JPGs. And I want you to export some of the css’ around. So mainly, the headings, and your paragraph text. And maybe you got a 'call to action' button, things like that. I'd like a text document. 

Then I’d like you to zip them all up, and you can send them to me. There's a couple of different ways. You can post screen shots of everything, it’s probably all that's necessary. Especially I want to see your designs, I want of kind of see them, see how you're doing, offer any advice. Just keep me in the loop of what you're up to. 

So that is your project. I want you to go through those lists, and make sure you include all of that, and build yourself a little thing that you can use for your portfolio.

All right, I'll see you in the next video.