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UX - How to become a UX Designer

What tools can I use to build my UX mockup

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 19 of 29

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Hey there. So it's time to actually build your high fidelity, high res mock-up. There are a few different tools to use. The most popular are XD, which is Adobe's Experience Designer. There is Sketch, another super popular one. There's other ones like Framer and Azure, InVision Studio.

A lot of people also use just plain old Photoshop and Illustrator to do the UI, and they use something like InVision's kind of web app. They've got a website kind of thing that you can use to add interactivity. Doesn't really matter which one you use. My favorite is Adobe XD. I've got a full course on that as well. So there's a 'UI and Web Design using Adobe XD' course. Go check that one out.

So those are the tools, they all have pros and cons. Sketch is more popular for using for apps. XD is quite new, from Adobe. There's no kind of clear winner. And it doesn't really matter in terms of user testing. As long as you can build the graphics and whatever you're fast in. You can use things like InDesign. If you are really fast at doing kind of UI designs in there and add interactivity with something like InVision. Up to you, but my advice is-- If you got to learn any of them, it's probably XD or Sketch. So go check those out. That is it for this video. Bye now.