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After Effects - Learn Motion Graphic Design

Inspiration for you motion graphics

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Hey in this video were going to look at where to get some good inspiration for your motion graphics. So you might be thinking yeah I've got some basic skills now but what do I actually do, so when I've got a project, I've got something coming up, it’s a new title sequence for some of these tutorial videos or something a little bit more exciting, I do some personal projects. I go off and look and try and find some things I can, I'm not calling it copying, I'm calling it appropriation. Were going to find some things we like the look of and were going to adapt it for our style. So it’s kind of like copying though.

So to go off and find awesome stuff, one of the easiest ones is to go off into youtube and use some search queries like this, motion graphics showreels is a good one, if I am a professional After Effects person like I am I create a showreel to show people all the things that I've done and in a nice quick little succession so type in that have a look around, avoid the ads and lets have a look at this one. and it just has is this a cool one, its pretty cool. Its getting there, little sparkly bits, oh I love that little transition and what you're trying to do here is you're trying to look and go oh I like that transition or how to do it and then you spend ages doing what I do, this. You spend ages going back play back, play just to see how the transition is done and then see how you might copy it. And what you can do is say you see something and you're like geez I love that Dan how did they do that, is use my website, go off, use the forum on the website and say hey this is that link how did they do that and ill either point you to the tutorial that I've done or I can actually show you. Maybe give you some tips on how to get started in doing that particular exercise. So go through, showreel motion graphics have a work through and just see what other people have done.

The other place to go to is this place here. This is amazing, its called art of the title. Now art of the title is, there are professionals who only do the intros to movies or a title sequence to a tv series. They don’t do any of the editing for the actual series they just do the sexy bit at the beginning or end. Maybe the credits at the end or the titles at the beginning. Now this thing here has all the really nice ones that are around and its highly updated. You can see this one here its updated for me a couple of days ago but yeah you just click through and you watch them and you get inspiration. I'm going to click this one; I'm going to have pauses or mute on it. No mute, oh no. But you're just getting all these ideas of all these kind of things, what goes on. Lets go along, cool. It’s not going to tell you how they did it but its going to show you and get some ideas going and were going to look at, what is the one that I like. It is called strange than fiction ?? so I'm showing you this one mainly because were going to do something really similar but I really like this one here. Stranger Than Fiction. Click play, Will Farrell, it was done a long time ago, 2006. So were going to use really easy tricks to do in after effects. What they did back then, before they has easy tricks is genius. So I'm going to skip along this is the one we want. So see, were going to start tracking bits and pieces so that it will stick to it in a 3d space. How do I mute it, I can just mute my computer, nice.

Alright so you can see this bit where there's some 3d going on, casting shadows and its all connected to the film, so were going to do that in a bit. This is where you go through and you have a look at loads of different things and you're like I like that, I like that reach out and see if you can figure out how to do it and if you cant go look at tutorials, and if you cant, email me. Or drop me a line on my website or via twitter, I'm @danlovesadobe and yeah, this is out of the title. Cool inspiration, not stealing, its kind of stealing.