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Relinking missing footage

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 4 of 53

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Hi there, in this video were going to look at what happens when the footage all goes missing. Now this might happen to you, if you downloaded the exercise files and you're opening up some of the production files and they cant connect, as in it opens up and it said missing footage, they're all gone. I'm going to show you how to fix that, its quite easy.

So what were going to do first of all, we've got a bunch of images, some images, some sound and some illustrator files and there's some video in the background here, can you see this text movement through. Were going to do this in a later tutorial, so they're all part of this to make this thing go. And what happens is say that somebody emails you the files or that you downloaded the exercise files here, the files are not named the same, or they're in a different place. So say this after effects files been on my desktop, if I move it into this other folder, watch what happens to after effects, it freaks out because aaah I cant find you, I cant find you, and it starts looking really scary. We've got these coloured bars everywhere.

So to go and fix it, you can tell that ones that are broken, they’ve got the little coloured bars there, and they're italicised so what I'm going to do is right click one of them and we go to the one that says replace footage, I'm going to replace with a file, were going to be calm, cool and collected. On our desktop there's one called some other folder and there he is in there. And I'm looking for the BYOL logo, so you just need to find the one that I right clicked, find him there and what well do is watch this, magic, after effects is happy enough to say hey I've found three other files in there that have been missing and everything’s back to normal.

So if you end up moving your folder or they're not connected at the beginning of this exercise, when you're doing my tutorials, just go through and link them and everything is fine now. Alright, ill see you in the next video.