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After Effects - Learn Motion Graphic Design


Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 50 of 53

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All right, so we're at the end, what next? So, what’s next is, you can keep in contact with me, ask me questions. Find out if you're doing all right, or if there's another way of doing it. There's a few different ways now.

What I do is, there is a form on every page. On every page - you're probably on this page - it's down the bottom there. There is a little form you can play around with, it's on our website. And ask questions. The other thing you can do is, there's a live chat. When I'm online, I make sure I click on that little live chat. You might see it off here on the website, down on the bottom right. There is a little live chat thing. If it says I'm available, I actually am. Just sitting here, at my desk, doing stuff.

Drop me a message if things are broken, things aren't working, just want to chat. Have a little bit of a live chat thing going. The other thing you can do is that-- bi-weekly, I have a little live video string thing. I use YouTube. It just means that we can-- I sit there for about an hour, normally by myself. You can jump into the chat, and ask questions, and I'm live, I'll answer them. It's not as scary as it sounds. You just have a little chat window. I don't get to see you and your pretty Janes. It's just me, answering questions. It might be After Effects, it might be Premiere. It might be like, "Hey, I want to get more work,” or, "Hey, After Effects is not working," or, "Hey Dan, just stop ***." I generally sit there by myself, so jump in, have a chat. Yes, it's nice and easy that way.

The other things you can do is that, I've got a cheat sheet. There'll be a link down below here. Just a printable cheat sheet that allows you to-- just got the cool stuff we've gone through. Print it out, stick it next to you. Look pro, it looks pretty.

The last thing, I guess, the second last thing, is the teacher resources, so if you are teaching this, and you've been asked to teach this next week, next semester, or-- and you need to get it up to speed, you do my course, and then there's a Teachers & Resources page. So have a look at that on the website. The cool thing about that is, you can watch the videos, download the exercise files, and use that in your class. It will allow you to.

There's also this thing in there, there's notes. Two sets of notes, ones that you can give to your students. There's a little thing you can get those from. And there's a teachers set as well that you can buy. And we send those out to you, and you can use them in your class. It's heaps cheaper than, say, invest in a book. Follow this tutorial series. Hopefully it will make your life a little easier.

The last thing that I'd like to do is ask you for your help. In terms of what makes me successful in terms of my online training, it's links. So, if you enjoyed this class, you enjoyed my style, I'd love a link. If you have a website, link to me. If you have a Facebook page, link to me. If you've got an easier way of sharing me, or linking me, I'd love you to link to the-- say it's the After Effects page, I'd love you to link to the overview page, or the link to that description as well, the one you can link to. It's the kind of thing where the more links I have, the more views that I have, the more courses I can do.

I'll probably still keep working out of my home office. I'll still keep pretending my desk is always this clean. It's never that clean. My junks just down there. But the more views that I get, the more I get to do. Yes, all that sort of jazz. So that's the end for this course. I will see you. Check out some of my other courses, we've got Photoshop, Dreamweaver. There's UX courses, there's InDesign. There's all sorts of Adobe stuff. Dan loves Adobe. Ta, see you then.