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Hey there! This video is about the exercise files and the completed files and the teacher files and some other files, essentially there is some files that were going to use throughout this course. You can download them, there's a link below and a download list and you can play along. You can use your own files of course. There's something called completed files, so the end of every video, say I'm trying to teach you about 3-D type. At the end of that little video, what ill do is ill save my after effects file exactly where I've got it so that if you're playing along and yours doesn’t quite look the same you can download my version compare the two and just check, what’s wrong about my one, it’s a nice thing. So they're be loads of those. Every video will have a completed file after it, except for things like this where there's no after effects files.

Another thing is is there's a cheat sheet, so there’ll be a link down the bottom as well with the cheat sheets. A nice little a4 printable thing, stick it next to your computer when you're new. Even when you're experienced it’s just a good thing to remember all the cool shortcuts that you might not know. And just nice little tips and tricks, it looks pretty. So go and download that.

The last thing is teacher resources, if you happen to be a teacher and you’re watching this course because you want to borrow the course, that’s totally fine, we all do it, so go off, watch the video series, use the exercise files in your class, I'm happy for you to do that. And if you want notes that’s part of it. So there's teacher notes and then there's class notes for your students. There is a place where you can go and buy those, they're really cheap and there's a teacher version and a student version, and you can just make sure that it matches the videos as well, so it makes a little bit easier if you're expected to teach after effects for the first time, you can go and use those things.

Alright, lets go to the next video.