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Rules of motion graphics - anticipation

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 18 of 53

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Hey there in this video were going to talk about one of the rules of animation, its called anticipation so you can go off and have a look, more traditional animation is 12 kind of principles you can work from. One of the most important ones in terms of motion graphics that I find is one called anticipation. Essentially all it is is things moving back before they go forward. What I mean by that is say you’ve got type, instead of it just starting and heading off in the distance. Give it more human qualities by leaning back before it heads off, it gives it a really nice look and feel to it. We do it as humans, when I want to go this way, I still need to put my weight on my back foot before I go forward. It gives that anticipation of what I'm going to do. If you want to get it to go fast I build up energy and do it. And you can do the same types of things with your motion graphics and it gives everything a nice sort of feel.

So lets go ahead and do that now, lets look at doing it with our lower thirds animation.