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Hey there, this video we’re going to talk about the help you can get while you're working along. So there are forums on every page, so depending on which page you are on the website, there is a little forum at the bottom there, it says the friendly forum and it just means you can ask questions, you might be having problems loading stuff or any sort of questions, advice on what you want to do, what you should charge, those sorts of things, do it in the forum, the other thing is I do live chat quite often so its generally just me doing live chat. So if you see a box at the bottom right of the website that says live chat, its available right now, it means that I'm online sitting there, not waiting for you, I'm doing other things but it just means that I'm available. I've made myself available to answer questions. So use the little live chat, it might be questions about your subscription; it might be about after effects, there are lots of things. Just use live chat and from there ill answer you.

The other thing I do is something called it’s the by weekly video stuff. Or live chat, so every two weeks, there’ll be dates on the website, so check out, there's an option for live chat or live web thing, on the website home page. And it just means that I'm going to sit there with a camera and answer questions. It could be to do with this course, after effects or it could be things like Photoshop or web design or graphic design or UX stuff. So I just sit there for about an hour, normally by myself because no body jumps in there. So one on one I'm there by video, you just get to sneak in via chat and just ask a question, you can just watch, you don’t have to ask a question, I ramble if nobody’s asking questions but you might enjoy the rambling. But it’s just a way for you to jump in and just get some feedback, some actual advice from me. You can just sit there in your pj’s, and you’ve just got a little type box, I don’t have to see you, its not a video thing both ways, its just me sitting around doing a YouTube thing just to help people out.

Alright, that’s it for this video, ill see you in the next one.