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Creating a vignette in After Effects

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 24 of 53

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Hi, welcome to this video. Were going to make a vignette, now a vignette is that kind of glow or black darkens around the outside, so photographers from the days of your, spend their time trying to remove it because it was part of the photography process with flash bulbs. Now we all add it to make it look cool, so were going to do is to this case. So were going to put it around the edges and were going to add it to the one and were going to use it throughout the project because I don’t know why, its one of those little sec ret sources. We've done easing which is nice, motion blur which is nice but vignette which is one of those nice little things that make it more after effectsy.

So to do it, its really easy you just add this one here, the lumetri colour so if you haven’t done the previous video just type in here lume and what you're going to do is make sure that actually lets, well leave it here. So if you haven’t done the last video go and do that and we've created this thing called an adjustments layer, if you haven’t go to layer, new and add the adjustments layer. There he is there, then drag lumetri onto this layer, and hey presto you’ve got him here in your effects controls. If you can’t see effects controls, go into here and there's effects controls.

Alright so we've been playing around in the last one so we've got all this stuff here, what we might do is just twirl it up to make it look nice and pretty. So close them all down and even if you haven’t done basic correction from the last one, you're just going to do vignette you can leave all of those blank and just do vignette here. Vignette here is one of those words that I will die not knowing how to spell, vignette. I can never Google it so it takes me ages to figure out the spelling for this one for my notes. But anyway, so vignette is just this glow around the outside and you'll see if you drag it to the right it goes white, and I never need a white vignette, its always dragging it to the left. So I'm clicking and dragging, remember you can lower this and use this if you prefer, can you see the black around the outside that is vignette. And it just gives it that feeling like it’s a little bit old school. Watch this, my ones not keeping up very well, I'm on half, I'm going to go to full just, but you get a sense for it right. I'm scrubbing through it and it just gives it that glow around that outside, you might hate it don’t do vignettes. If you do like it, add them to everything

Alright so that’s a vignette, you can play around with these things in terms of the mid points. Watch this I can get it to creep in a little bit more, I'm really over cooking this at the moment but I'm okay with that, I love vignettes, the more the merrier. The roundness depends if it’s an oval or more like a square. I'm going to make it a bit more like a square. Feather, just the transition its perfect as it is but let’s move him around. You can see that’s what we’re starting with here. And hey presto vignette, you like it, on, off, on, off. It’s definitely a lot different than it was. You might be horrified at the over saturated colours but I don’t mind. You can do it your way when you're doing it.

Alright, that’s how to do a vignette in after effects.