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Photoshop - How To Design A Website In Photoshop

Production video - Adding your icons

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 37 of 49

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This is a great question.

In this production video we’ll be working our way through the rest of the icons we’ll be using on the website.

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Alright, it’s going to be a production video. so we’re going to add some text underneath our icons.

So I’m going to grab my type tool, - click once,  make sure it’s set to centre.  I’m going to pick a colour of white, and I’m going to pick Robots  bold and size wise.  I’m going to bump it up to  -  not sure yet  - about 30 maybe, ok  and the first service going to be print, it’s going to be all caps.  Alright, the next bit is, I’m going to grab my type tool,  I’m going to put a bit of kind of body copy underneath it.

I’m going to open up my guides, to make sure I don’t go over the top, and it’s going to be kind of padded in with a bit extra, and I’m going to add some text so remember we’re going to go to type,  Paste Lorum Ipsum.  I’m going to put loads of Lorum Ipsum in there.

Now if I want to select all the Lorum Ipsum, and change the size of it, if  I drag a box, unfortunately if I change the size of this one down to something like 12, I’ve only selected that part, so what you want to do is triple click so 1, 2, 3, 4.  When I say triple click I mean 4 clicks ok, so 1, 2, 3, 4.  It grabs every bit of text, and it will grab the text you can’t see as well, so I’m going to bump this down to say 14 pixels, and we’ll move it to , say the regular.  How many lines do I want in this case?   I’m going to bump it up, because I like look of 3 lines.

Remember also, that if I click here with my type tool, I want to turn my hyphenation off.  So to do it, click this little box here, click paragraph, turn hyphenate off, and we’ll get rid of that hyphenation that I don’t like.  What I’d like to do is, these 2 text boxes here, so I’ve got print and Lorum Ipsum selected.  I’m going to hold down the alt key,  actually turn my guides on first, hold down my alt key and use the move tool to drag out a copy.  I’m holding down the  shift key while I’m dragging it, to make sure it comes perfectly to the side here, and I’m going to do that for all of these.

I’ll drag them across, so I’ve got 4 sets, and I’m going to go in and change it, so this one is called APP DEV,  this one is going to be PHOTOGRAPHY,  and this is going to be VIDEO.  Great.

I’m going to leave the Lorum Ipsum, because it doesn’t mean anything anyway.  Turn off my guides, and make sure everything lines up.  It really lines up ok.

What I might do is, I’m going to grab all the Lorum Ipsums, and just bump them up a little bit, and there it goes, there’s all 4 of them, and use my arrow keys just to tap them up. and they join.  What I also might do is grab my icons, - I’ve got icon 1, 2, and this other guy, there he is underneath my text, I’m going to align along the base, happy enough.

And that’s the end of my production video