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Photoshop - How To Design A Website In Photoshop

Place holder text with Lorem Ipsum

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 27 of 49

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When you’re designing your website - it’s best to use place holder text for the body copy. Using bits and pieces of the client existing text will turn your meetings away from talking about the designs you’ve created and into a session about the text you’ve selected.

Using placeholder text or Lorem Ipsum (mixed up latin words) in your design allows people to focus on the design and not the text.

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In this video we’re going to look at something call Lorem Ipsum. A lot of the time when you are designing a website, maybe the text isn’t written, or it’s being written at the same time.

So quite often you have to put in dummy text, or place holder text. What people tend to do is use something called Lorem Ipsum, and it’s built into Photoshop, so we can add that.

So I’m going to zoom in on my desktop and turn it around. OK, and what I’m going to do is I’m going to put in a fixed width box, and I want it to match my columns, so I’m going to go to view, and turn on my “Show Columns” - “Show Guides”. Zoom out a little bit. so I want it to expand across maybe 4 of these in the middle, maybe 6.

So I’m going to grab the type tool, and I’m going to click, hold and drag. OK I’m going to add a type box that expands 6 of my columns. I’m going to pick an appropriate font size, of maybe 16 pixels, and what I want to do is go to type, and I’m going to go to “Paste Lorem Ipsum” and essentially what it does is just dumps in a a mixed up bit of latin words. They’re actual latin words, but they don’t mean anything in the flow of text there. It’s a good quick way to dump in lots of extra texts. What you will notice though, is that the box is overset it means there is more texts - theres a little plus you can’t really see down in the bottom corner here, but know that if I delete this, can you see there is lot’s of extra stuff over the edges. OK, so depending on how much you need, you might have to delete some of them. You can’t really dump in a set amount, it just dumps in a defined amount.