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Photoshop - How To Design A Website In Photoshop

Where to get commercial use free images

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 30 of 49

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This is a great question.

After this image you’ll know how to Import images into Photoshop using both the embed and linking options. Spoiler - use the linking option! - Dan.

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In this video we’re going to look at where to get images from. Now when you are doing your concepts. you might be - say you’re working for yourself, and you don’t have a budget for paid imagery, or to get a photographer to work, you can find free images. Commercial Use stock images, and this is probably the best site here - it’s called ‘Free Images. com”.

Now if I want an image, say of bricks, - and spell it right - bricks OK, and you’ll find loads of free images for bricks. Now you’ve got to be careful that these ones over here - well not careful, these ones over here are paid ones. OK, so these always look very pretty and sexy, but these ones are downloaded from istock but you’ve got to pay.

The prices are reasonable, but if you want free, we need these ones over here. What I like to do is not relevent, but probably most downloaded, tends to be the ones that come to the top are the ones that are better sharp, better quality, maybe the ones that you’ll want to use more. You’ll have to log in to download them, and buy them. Say that you do want this kind of weathered brick look, OK you can download them, and depending on the size that they originally uploaded, you can download them. So you have to sign in to download. It’s free to sign in, and it’s a great way to get free stock images. Now if you want paid images, iStock's is probably the best way to go. there are lots of competitors to istock, - Adobe have their own one at the moment, called Adobe.stock and this one over here is a typical one to use for lots of people.

So if I want bricks in here, you’ll find the quality is a lot better, you’ll find the resolution is higher than the free image.

Now say that I want this brickwork here, I’ve decided that’s the background that I want to use, and it will come up with how many credits it’s going to take.

So this one here is going to cost me 3 credits, whereas, say if I went to something like this one here, this one here I went to , this one here is 1 credit, and roughly 3 credits is 24 euros, If you are in the US a euro is about the same at the moment,- not exactly but close enough for comparison. They’re in budget for most small businesses. So to make it easy, I’ve downloaded a bunch of free images that you can use for this particular tutorial. So download those if you haven’t from the exercise files, and we’ll get on with importing