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Welcome to my favorite class to teach! This introduction will give you a overview of what we’ll cover in the course. If you’re a free member you’ll have access to 8 video’s. If you’re serious about making money as a web designer using Photoshop then paid members get the full 49 videos.

Any questions before you get started? I’m pretty good at replying quickly to the ‘friendly forum’ on this page.

Go forth amazing people and create beautiful website mockups using Photoshop! -Dan

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Hi - my name is Dan and I’ll be leading you through this course on how to Build Professional Website Mockups using Photoshop.

These are the skills employers want. And UI/UX design skills are where the high paying jobs are at.

I began my life as a graphic designer and found out quickly it was far too competitive to get a job and the pay wasn’t very exciting. It wasn’t until I upskilled into the world of web design before my career really took off.

I’m an Photoshop Certified Instructor and the owner of Bring Your Own Laptop. Bring Your Own Laptop is an AATC with centres in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

I built this course for - beginners - for the people nervous about changing their careers into web design. For people new to the web world - as well as for developers who lack any design skills.

We cover everything you need to design your first web mock ups without getting too technical. During the course we’ll create this website for a mock creative agency - creating mobile and desktop versions.

With exercise files you can download and work along with me. I also have printable notes so you can follow along and scribble your own personal notes.

I’ll be teaching you how to setup your new documents - how to work with mobile, tablet and desktop views.

You’ll be able to easily pick web safe colours and fonts for your website and preview them on your iPhone or Ipad.

You’ll learn how to crop images and make full backgrounds all the way through to exporting all the right files for your website.

Know that I’ll be around to help - when you’re ready you can send me your work and I’ll see if they are any suggestions I can offer.

Now it’s time to upgrade your skills, get that better job and impress your clients.