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Photoshop - How To Design A Website In Photoshop

The ‘f’ key

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 14 of 49

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In this video you’ll learn how to use Photoshop preview modes. This mode is activated using the ‘f’ key on your keyboard. It will turn off all of your panels and tools so you can view your web design concept in full screen without all the Photoshop clutter.

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Now this tool is really handy for when you want to get a sense of how the website is going to look without all the junk around the outside - all the photoshop tools and tabs and toolbars.

Now to do this, you go to view and there’e one called  “Screen Mode"  and you use this one here.  Now for some reason , I know it’s the shortcut key of  ‘f’,  but for some reason on this Mac here - I’m not sure if it’s on a PC - but it doesn’t have the shortcut, so we’re going to ignore that little bit, and use the quick little shortcut key.   so if I tap the ‘f‘ key once, it kind of hides half of it, so I tap the ‘f‘ key again on my keyboard. It gets rid of all the toolbars except for the rulers.

Now what I’m going to do is - I’m going to toggle back one more, and turn the rulers off.  Rulers  turn off, and remember once for the ‘f‘ key.  twice for the ‘f‘ key, and I can still see my document, and I can move around  and then I can hold my spacebar.  OK   I can move it around, and it just gives me a better sense of what my website is looking like at the moment. And ‘f‘ key the third time will get you back to square one, so there’s kind of three settings. There’s this one here, then this next one, and then there’s full screen. They cycle around by using the ‘f‘ key.

Now another nice thing I like to do, I tap  the ‘f‘ key twice to get into the full screen mode, if I don’t like this white background, especially when I’m dealing with such a dark  website.  I want this background here to not be white, so what you can do is you can right click it, and pick either dark grey,  or right click it and pick black.  It just changes the background colour.  If I zoom out, you’ll notice that it changes forever, my little background colour.  If I ‘f‘ key back - it’s up to you how you prefer to work.  

I like to work on a dark screen, or dark grey, just so I can get a nicer sense of my website.