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Photoshop - How To Design A Website In Photoshop

Designing a footer for your website

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 42 of 49

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After completing this tutorial you’ll know what to do to create a web form in Photoshop.

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In this video we’re going to mock up our footer. It’s pretty basic - we’re going to bring in a group of icons. We’re going to go to file, place embedded, and I like this one called 'Icons-social' it’s an illustrator file so I’m going to place this one. I’m going to move it down, and I’m going to place it so it lines up with one of the column guides here. I’m going to zoom in to double check, tap it across, and hit return when I’m ready. I’m going to zoom out, and what I’d like to do is make sure it’s in the right place, so I’m going to make sure it’s inside my footer box. I’m going to make it the same colour as my icon, so I’m going to find my icons, I’m going to select the icon here, and what I’m going to do is right click it, and go to copy layer style, go down, and find my graphic in my footer. Right click him and go to the one that says paste layer style, and it’s going to be the same. One last thing to my footer, I’m going to grab the type tool, and I’m going to add my copyright, so I’m going to click once, and I’m going to paste in my all rights reserved. Pick a font that is a little more appropriate for us, so it’s going to be Roboto - it’s going to be medium, and it’s going to be quite small, so it’s going to be down to 12 pixels. Great, and that’s going to be my footer.