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What are the production videos?

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 4 of 49

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This video quickly explains what the production video’s are in this Photoshop course. Essentially the production video’s aren’t any ’new’ skills but are video’s where I do some of the repetitive tasks.

They can be useful for people really new to Photoshop as you’ll pick up some tips on how to speed up the boring/repetitive parts.

Equally these video’s can be a little boring and I’m happy if you skip these video’s if you’re in a rush to learn. - Vroom! - Dan

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What are the production videos that are in this course?

Now these are the sessions where I'm busy building the concept site using the tools that we've already learnt, these can contain little nuggets of workflow gold and others can be me just doing the work and can get a little bit boring, I won't be offended if you don't watch them all the way through.