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What do we need to deliver at the end of our project?

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In this video you will learn what you’ll be expected to create. You’ll know what files to produce and hand over at the end of your job. We’ll look at the image types and what code you should supply to your web developer.

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To be a commercial web designer there is more to make than just a thoughtful website mock-up. There are some final deliverables – tangible files and information that you’ll need to hand over before the coding of your website can begin.

Our aim before the end of this course is to have a folder filled web ready images that follow the correct web naming conventions. You’ll also be producing whats called a CSS sheet that is used by a developer to know what fonts you were using, the heights and widths of say your navigation or footer box.

You’ll learn how to pass on the correct colour codes , the line heights, spacing for your website, so that the lovely person is building your website can get to work fast and not have to make huge guesses from your mock-up.