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Getting your workspace ready for UI work

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 5 of 49

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To make it easy to follow along in this video tutorial series you’ll need your copy of Photoshop to look like my version. This will make it easier for people new to Photoshop. Follow the steps in this video to reset your workspace. - Dan

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In this video we’re going to look at re-setting your workspace. Now you’ve reset your workspace if you opened up Photoshop and it was looking different from my version and you want to get it to look the same so you can follow along. Now I’m using Photocopy CC2015. If you’re using other versions it might look slightly different. Okay, but let’s say that you’ve been using it for other things and you’ve moved these tablets around, sorry these, pallets – you’ve dragged them around or you’ve accidentally done it, and you’ve done this during the tutorial, you can come back to this video and all you need to do to get it back to normal, to make it look right is – up here it says essentials and let’s make sure its set to essentials first and then click on where it says reset essentials. That will put everything back in its place and it will look like mine for this tutorial.