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Photoshop - How To Design A Website In Photoshop

Layers - find what you need quickly with layer search

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 39 of 49

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In this video you will learn to sort and categorise your layers like a web design professional. This technique should shave time from your day so you can do more important things like fighting over fonts ;) - Dan

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Alright, in this video we’re going to show you how to use layers a little bit more.  Now there’s going to be times when you open a document, and you really want to find something particularly in the document, and rather than going through, and trying to find it through the search items, what you can do is you can use some of these search filters. ok - some of these layer filters along the top here.  

So what you can do is, say you want to find everything in this document that is typed, because say you’ve changed the body copy font from Roboto back to Arial for some reason.  ok, what you can do is filter just the layers, - can you see these just have the type, and what I could do is click the top one, hold shift, click the last one, and go up here into my type tool, and change them all to Arial.  ok, and I’ll pick Arial bold.   Now you’ll see everything is now Arial, ok,  it’s a nice easy way to do that.  I’m going to undo that because I don’t like Arial. 

Say you want to go through and start playing with the colours, what you can do, is you can click on this one here.  It’s just our shapes layers ok, so all our rectangles appear.  Say you’ve got a group of things that have a drop shadow on it, and you want to go and change the drop shadow.  What you could do is, you go to this one, go to effects, and use this drop down here, and see that everything that has a drop shadow has appeared. 

I’ve got nothing using a drop shadow in this case, so I’ve got nothing showing  in my layers panel here, and if you get to a point where you didn’t  realise you changed this, or you’ve opened up another document, and it’s got this layer effect of applied to it, what you can do is just flick the switch there to off, and it goes back to normal.  You can turn it on and off to toggle between the last search and everything  is back on.