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Animation TIP - Vignette in After Effects

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, in this video we're going to apply a Vignette. A Vignette looks like this, around the outside. Turn it off, boring Vignette. Awesome. Let's go and do that now.

It's not really an animation trick. Just looks cool when you're dealing with Motion Graphics and Infographics. So Vignette, it's easy to apply. The first thing we need to do is create what's called an 'Adjustment Layer'. Adjustment Layer is an invisible layer that we can apply effects to. And we're going to apply a Vignette to this one.

So, to find it, we're going to go to our 'Effects & Presets'. And in here, we're going to type in something called 'Lumetri'. If you start spelling it, you'll get there. Lumetri Color is the thing we want. And click, hold, and drag it. It's probably best to drag it to the actual layer itself so you know you got it on the right spot.

And one of the options in here, under 'Vignette', is the 'Amount'. We're going to drag it to the left and you'll notice in the background there, I'm at -1.7 and we've got a kind of a Vignette. Whether you like this or not, I love it. I love it, gives it that kind of film quality look. So to turn it on and off, you see, where it says 'fx', turn it on and off. You can have a white one. If you drag it to the right hand side, it's going to be a little slow. Not sure when-- it's like the heavenly glow. Never used that one. -1.7. That looks good to me. That is how you apply a Vignette.

If you're sitting there thinking "Why did we make it dark around the outside?" you're probably not a Vignette person, I'm a Vignette person. Watch any of my videos. Everywhere, I overcook it, and overdo it. One day I'll get it out of my system. Before we go, let's rename this Adjustment Layer. I'm going to call this one 'Viginitte'. I can never spell Vignette. Is that close? I don't know. That's close enough.

Now the only problem with the Vignette is it needs to be at the top, the whole time. But as you keep adding things you'll potentially add stuff above it. And what happens is, say that I get this underneath the Icon, you'll see, the Icon is not affected by the Vignette. This Adjustment Layer affects everything underneath it but not anything above it. So just be careful of that. All right, let's get our next tip.