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Where to get free Icons for your animated infographics

Daniel Walter Scott

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Okay, so you need to find some icons, and you don't want to pay for them. There's a couple of cool sites. is a great one. They have a mixture of paid and unpaid. So let's say we need a picture of a woman, an icon of a woman. Now by default yours will be set to 'Any', 'Any', 'No License Filtering'. And you'll start with these ones here, you can see, they're not expensive. So 1 USD for some of them. And what we want do though is, I want vector ones because I want them to be scalable. In After Effects, you don't want 'Any', most of them are all Vector. Then I want to go for 'Free', because I want it cheap. And I want to go down to 'Licensing'. I want the ones that say 'For Commercial Use' but I don't need to put a link anywhere.

You can go to this one here. 'For Commercial Use', but you have to add a link somewhere to explain where you got it from. I'm going to go through the full cheap way. And you can see, there's quite a few here I can pick from. So when you are picking some of these, say you decide that this is the one for you and when you are downloading it, download the SVG version. The PNG is a pixel version, so, not Vector, and when you scale it up, it won't be great. It will pixelate, whereas this one won't. So, download this version. Because it's a SVG, you might have to open it up. Depending on the version of SVG you might have to open up in Illustrator and copy it, and do a re-save. And save it as an Illustrator file to use it in After Effects. We'll do that in the next video showing how to make icons in Illustrator to use in After Effects, we'll do that.

So that's Iconfinder, I use this, it's quite a big resource. I love it. The other great place is actually from Adobe itself. And it's their Creative Cloud app. On a Mac, it's up here, this Creative Cloud. Cloudy looking icon. And you've got these options along the top. On a PC, I'm pretty sure it's down the bottom right. You'll find the same icon. And you'll be at 'Home', go to 'Assets', to 'Market'. And in here, at the top is the search icon. We're going to put in 'woman'. The cool thing about this is, all of this is for commercial use. You don't have to add links. Just the quality and quantity aren't as much. But this can be super useful and helpful. What's really cool about it is-- have a look at here first and then jump out to maybe Iconfinder, that's what I do at least.

Say you decide-- let's bring in another one. Say you decide to use this one. See this little button here? We can bring it into my library. The cool thing about it is, that's it if you jump into After Effects, now you can see, it's downloading in the background there into my Infographics animation. And there's that lovely lady, ready to go. We'll use this a lot during the class, this 'Assets', 'Market'. It's really good for icons, it doesn't have many images in there so it's mainly for icons.

All right, let's get on to the next video. One thing before we go, actually, say in Iconfinder, the cool thing about here, is that often it's part of a bigger group. So you might pick this one, but you'll also need a man, or a Ninja. So Iconfinder has some really good groups, and things to go. If you get into kind of super icon downloading mode you can see here, there's a per month cost. You can get, like 25 a month. Or unlimited for $29. All right, now let's get on to animating them.