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Where to find free sounds & noises to my animated infographic

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, in this video we're going to add little noises behind our animations to make them feel more real, like this guy. Creatives. Now there is an ongoing debate in our household-- There he is. See that little blop noise? Let's go figure out where we can find them, and how to implement them. So let's first of all find our sound.

So if you need sounds for interface kind of things, like we're going to do for this pop, you need some clicks, some bumps, some groans just like little noises. Often the term to look for is Interface Noises. And there's no real one place. I use quite a bit because their licensing allows me to use them for free. But double check the licenses before you go and use them. And the weird thing is looking for them.

Like, say you want a noise, and you can hear it in your head, I'm not sure if I'm explaining that right but you know what that noise is but how do you describe it in words? So you might go 'zap'. Like in, this bit of noise. Boom, wow, or bloop, is the one I want. That's the one I wanted. Not advisable. You can download them easy, by clicking on them, and downloading. I've got one ready for us in this animation. So let's jump into After Effects.

What I did was, in your audio files that we brought in earlier I've made this 'Blop'. And actually just recorded it myself, I made a noise. I made a noise on my microphone like this, or… any sorts of those noises, I use quite a bit for my animations because I get the exact noise that I want. And I can use them commercially because I made them. You're allowed to use my Blop whenever you like. You have my full rights.

So what I'd like to do is just time it right. So my house appears, and I'm going to bring in this Blop. Nice. Now what I might have to do as well is turn my audio back on just to get the timing right. 'The Value of Sleep', turn that sound on. Now, trying to time it all together. Probably needs to come along a little bit. It's not bad. Everyone's is going to be slightly different because you're working on your own file. Maybe a littlee bit further on. Then it comes down to-- it's a little bit of art, trying to get everything timed nicely. That feels okay. It's maybe going a bit slow, my little Pop as well.

Anyway, we've looked at where to get sounds from. We've made our own, and we've applied it. These are one of the things that get often overlooked when you're watching somebody else's Infographic and you're like, "Ah, that's cool," and you don't notice all the little noises in the background that kind of add the life to the little animations. So just keep an ear out for those sorts of noises and see if you can find similar ones. End of it, you get to add it to your own work. All right, let's get on to the next video.