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Help, I’m lost. I can’t find my comp in After Effects

Daniel Walter Scott

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Okay, I'm going to show you this one now because you probably, if you haven't got lost already, you're going to get lost at some stage, especially if you're new. And the main culprit is this.

So I'm looking my Comp here, 'Value of Sleep'. And then I click on this, and I'm a double clicker. And I double click it by accident, and I end up in here, and I'm like, "Where has everything gone?" It might be blank, you might have clicked on something else, like the background.

If I unlock that, and double click it, you've gone inside of it, and you're like "I'm sure there was some text here," but it's all gone. All that's happened is, you've gone inside the layer. Here's my Comp back here, with all my lovely stuff on it, but you can dive inside any of these objects by double clicking on it. Problem is, the Time Line doesn't change. So all you need to do is close it down, or just jump back over here where it says 'Composition'. Nothing's been lost. You'll find, that will happen to everybody eventually. All right, next video.