After Effects - Animated Infographic Video & Data Visualisation

Inspiration for your animated infographics

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey there, in this video we're going to look at Inspiration. So when you're starting your project you're going to need places to go and get ideas for your projects.

Now this site here,, remember the .net, the .com is a weird site. You're going to go and check it now, I bet you. But is… this is more of the Data Visualization site. There’s some really beautiful stuff going on here. Kind of pushing the boundaries of how to communicate really complex data. If you're dealing more with the generic kind of Infographic Bar charts, you're just looking for ideas of animation, then something like this. So this is sell these. So these here, you can buy. This one here is $19, and you can get this as an After Effects file, and start updating it. The only trouble with some of these templates is that they're pretty complex. If you're brand new, these are not useful at all because you're going to get a file that's going to be too hard to work with. Once you get into the kind of Intermediate level stage these become really useful, because you can open them up make the changes necessary and save yourself a lot of time. So you hover above them, some of them are pretty cheesy, but some of them are pretty cool as well. So you can just work your way through them and just get an idea of how you might do it.

One of the competitors for videohive is pond5. Same sort of thing, hover above them, you'll see Infographics, interesting kind of text treatments. Lots in here just to give you kind of ideas flying.

One of the last places I'll show you is Art of the Title. Well, not Infographics. It's really cool for just beautiful uses of mainly Type and live action footage. I get great ideas from here for even just simple Motion Graphics just the way Type is being treated and animated. So I like to go, choose just the Home page. If you go down to 'All Features' and then you end up looking at these. These are the Top 10 from 2016. And you just go through. I've got a couple of them primed and ready to go in here, somewhere, like this one here. Just interesting how you're going to deal with the Type, this kind of big thing moving in the background.

All stuff that can be done in After Effects. I'm not saying they're exactly right, but… what are the other ones that I liked? Make sure I stop in here. This is great, this real big slabby use of Color and Type. Anyway, I'm rambling. So, those are some good places to go and get some ideas before you get started on your next project. All right, let's get into the videos.