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How do I add rounded corners to an image or box in Adobe InDesign?

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hello InDesign people. We're going to look at Rounded Corners. We're going to do it to this box that we did with this cool transparency. We'll just do one corner. Like this guy, but you can also do four round corners, and all these other weird corners that you're probably never going to use. So let's go and look at Rounded Corners in InDesign.

So we're going to practice with a box over here. So grab your rectangle tool, and click, hold, drag out a box. Give it a 'Fill' color, and no 'Stroke'. So I'm going to give it a 'Fill' of our 'Green at Heart Red'. And I'm going to give it a 'Stroke' of 'None'. Okay, Rounded Corners, grab the 'Black Arrow', click on this. And you've probably always wondered what the hang this thing is for. I know this is for editing the corners, give it a click. And nothing happens. But you get these diamonds in the corner. So grab on the yellow diamond, let's grab the top right. Click, hold, and drag to the left, and you my friends, now have Rounded Corners.

So if you end up clicking off by accident, click back on. Click this square, it launches the diamonds. And you can go back and start dragging. A little left and right, not up and down. We'll increase them up a little bit and let's look at the different kinds of corners. By default it's set to Rounded Corners, but you can see, by that pop up window here, you can hold down the 'Alt' key on a Mac, or 'Option' key-- no, backwards. It is 'Option' key on a Mac, and 'Alt' key on a PC. Go click, and you get like pixels, space invaded version of the corners. I've never used these. Keep holding down that key. 'Option' on a Mac, 'Alt' on a PC, keep clicking. You get those ones, those ones. And eventually they pop back into the corners. And you've got to ?? options, and drag them back out again. It's up to you.

Now one of the things we're going to do is show you how to do them individually. So, I'm going to click and drag them back into the corner. As far as it will go, we'll get them to being nice sharp corners. Now if you hold down the 'Shift' key on your keyboard, hold it down, and then start dragging to the left. This happens quite a bit with these kind of factoidy things. I'm going to click on this. To get the corners, hold down 'Shift', grab this one and make this kind of like a rounded corner. We're going to put a little pull quote or a factoid in there. That's where maybe this corner one becomes okay. So I'm going to click on this one. Drag it. Just this one. And I'm going to hold down 'Alt' key, or 'Option' key. And then you could do something like that.

The cool thing about that is, it's kind of part of it, and it can be re-sized in all sorts of other nice things. All right, that is Rounded Corners. Let's move on to the next one where we look at some Drop caps. Drop caps are cool, let's go do that.