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Adobe InDesign CC - Essential Training

Class Project 04 - Design a 4 page prospectus

Daniel Walter Scott

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This is it, this is the big project for the end. This is something you can also use in your own portfolio.

So this is the brief. Your client is going to be Bring Your Own Laptop, which is my company. We need a 4-page prospectus for our new classroom. It's a Microsoft Word class. It's a sit-down course that people come to, and we're just launching it. In here, the specs, you probably wouldn't get these in a proper brief, but I want to make sure you cover all of the things we've learnt in this course. I've given you the resources. So the resources are in your Exercise files, under 'Class Project'. Here they are here. 'Class Project', and I've given you the brief which we're just looking at now. The 'Copy'. Open that up, this is all the text that's going to be used in this 4-page document. The name of the course, the timing, and how much it is. And a bit of information on it.

There are a bunch of images to use, you can use all of them, or just one of them, but at least one. Here's a bunch of Logos, I imagine you'll probably use most of them, but at least you have to use the Bring Your Own Laptop logo. I want to see that somewhere in the document, obviously, because it's our company, and we want to promote ourselves. I want to see one use of a watermark where it's just kind of washed out with the opacity, or if you choose, you can use that Layer Mode technique we learnt earlier. Here he is here, remember that red box in the background. Something to do with Layer Modes, Effects, and Transparency. You'll find it.

I want to see at least one cropped image, or you can do that Paste Inside, where we paste inside of a circle or a star. It needs to have Columns, I want that set up from the beginning. Two or three, or four, or five actually, I don't mind as long as you're actually adhering to the Columns. I want to see at least one Anchored Object. That's where the image moves up and down in a text, and it flows along. I want to see one Table as part of this document. Now, I haven't given any content for that table just yet, so I'll go and add it to that Word document now to make sure you've got something to work with.

I want to make sure you're using Master Pages. It's a great place for the automatic page numbering. I want to see use of Text Wrap, that's where a box, or a shape or an image pushes around the Type. I want to see at least one Paragraph Style. I imagine you probably have two, or three, but at least one. I want you to use a Typekit font, download it, and use it. And the last thing is, I want you to use some sort of Shape. One of the fancy ones, like the Triangle. Star, the Star Burst, or the Polygon, just something in there so I know that you're using Shapes.

So what needs to be delivered at the end? I want to say, a PDF with cropmarks. So when you are designing this 4-page document, you need to have Bleed. I want to see a JPEG flat version. And that is going to be without cropmarks. This is going to be a nice one, it's going to be emailed to a client. And I also want to see a mocked up version on You don't have to pay for it, just the watermark version. You can download that, or just take a screen shot and send it.

Now where are you going to send it to? If you're doing this on you can use the comments down the bottom. Dump it in as images, or a link to Dropbox, or something like that, so I can check it. And I promise I'll check it, I love to see what you've done, and happy to give you any criticism, if you ask for it. It will be constructive, I promise.

If you're doing it on Udemy or Skillshare, there are comments sections in Udemy, and Skillshare has even a better option where they have projects that you can launch. If on Skillshare or totaltraining, use their comments section. If you found this somewhere, and you've got no way of getting it to me, reach out on social media, on @danlovesadobe on Twitter, or on Facebook, we're You'll find us on LinkedIn and Pinterest, all the other things as well. And hopefully you can use this in your portfolio, if you need to.

All right my friends, that is going to be the end of this video.