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How to replace images in InDesign?

Daniel Walter Scott

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In this video we're going to look at switching out images. So we're going to switch this one with this one. Let's go do that.

Obviously, updating somebody's text is super easy. Grab the 'Type' tool, select it, change it to the date. Selecting images, just as easy, I'm going to click on this image here. Doesn't really matter actually, if I click on it, it highlights it over here. I can have nothing selected, and select it here. I know that that's the image. 'Gardening Tools1', but let's say I'm replacing it with a new cover. I could delete this and bring in another file and try and stretch it around, but what we're going to do is something a little bit easier. I'm going to 'undo' that.

So with it selected, I'm going to read 'Link' and instead of what we did earlier, which was relinking to a missing file, I'm going to go into our 'Exercise Files', go into 'Existing Work', and there's 'Replacement Image'. I'm going to go switch it out. Now what we're going to do is grab our 'Content Grabber'. Kind of move it around, reposition it how we want. I might have to zoom out often, that is helpful when you are repositioning images in different sizes. So I'm going to hit 'Command -' to zoom out, you might hit 'Control -' if you're on a PC. I'm going to use my 'Black Arrow', click on it. And if I click on the 'Content Grabber', you can see it's actually quite a big image, so what I might do is hold down 'Command - Shift' to resize it. Bring it down lower as well. And shuffle it across. It's my new cover.

All right, super easy. That's it for this video, let's get on to the next one.