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Adobe InDesign CC - Essential Training

What is Adobe Stock

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, in this video we're going to look at using Adobe Stock, where there are images already made that you get to download, and use. Do they charge for them? Yes, they do. What are the prices? About US $10 to about $30 depending on the image. And the license you need. Let's see how they work in InDesign.

The easiest way to load up Adobe Stock is in the top right hand corner, it's right here. This little search bar for Adobe Stock. It's going to open up a website. If yours doesn't say Adobe Stock, see this little drop down here, it might be set to 'Adobe Help'. So move it to 'Adobe Stock'. And I want some plants and pots. And hit return, it's going to open up a web browser. Here he is. Now what you might find is that you might have to log in again. And you end up at that stage where you're like-- Hang is my Adobe password. Once you get through all that drama, you'll be logged in. And it's done a search for me. If you don't want to use that option, in the top right, you can just go directly to, just type that in, and you'll end up here too. You'll still have to log in.

Now what happens is, these are commercial images. It means that you've got to pay for them. You can pay for them separately, or you can do a monthly subscription. That's what I do. I use a slightly different account to do it. What you could do is you could start your 30 day trial. Get 10 free images. Just make sure you cancel before the end of those 30 days. These are just commercial use images. You find the quality is quite good on these. I'm going to decide on this one.

Now what you do is, you got a couple of options. I clicked on it once. It opens up a few things. Now, here I can decide to buy, and license. And it will open it in InDesign, but that's going to cost me money. What I want to do is actually just get a preview, and put it in there. So make sure you click on the 'Preview' option. Click on this one. And if you end up with an error like mine-- that's why I have to use another account, because I studied in the UK, I moved to New Zealand, now I've moved to Ireland, and my account is all kind of scrambled with different time zones, and stuff. So if you have the same problem, click this drop down here, and say, save it to 'My Computer'. And you get to tell it where to go. Now I'm going to put it in your exercise files.

Let's say you can't get this to work. I'm going to put it into '04 Long Document'. And it's called this one, ends in 25. Click 'Save', and it will be waiting in there for you. The cool thing about it is that in InDesign, if your account does work, unlike mine, it will end probably in this 'CC Library'. If it doesn't, the Green at Heart one, it's probably in one called, you probably only got a couple, it's probably in 'My Library'. And you just drag it out. So what I'm going to do though is just bring it in manually. 'File', 'Place', I've got this guy that ends in 25. And what I'm going to do is drag it out to roughly the right size. Do exactly what we did in the last exercise where we pasted it inside of here.

You'll notice there's a big watermark in the middle. That line will disappear once you pay for it. And I'm going to go to 'Cut'. 'Select' this guy, 'Edit', 'Paste Into'. I'm going to move it around. Ah, looks okay. Now what you can do is use watermark ones, especially if you're not too sure on-- if you're not too sure the client would want it, there's no point paying for it until you're ready to go. So you might mock up this whole document with watermark versions, and when the client says, "Yes, it's ready to go", you'll have to let them know there's a cost involved. Now the images are worth between US $10 and $40, depending on things like sizes, and what kind of license you need. Just figure that aspect out before you send it to the client. Say, "Here's the design, but there's an additional $50 worth of images that are part of this design."

And say you got the go ahead, and you want to remove the watermarks, you can just download the Hi-res, and then switch them out using the relinking. But there's an option here that will be-- if you got to use the way that come down from the library, often you can just right click in here, and say 'License', and it will do it directly for you, and update the image, download the Hi-res, build your account, and do all that stuff without you even asking. Pretty sweet. So that is CC Libraries, it's paid stuff. The budgets aren't high but I know that lots of people I end up working with have zero budget. So we'll do that in the next video where we look at free stuff. Let's go and do that now.