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Daniel Walter Scott

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Alright, so exercise files. As part of this course, they're free, you can download them from a link, just here. As part of this course, as an addition to the exercise files, I have something called the completed files. It just means that at the end of every video, what I do is I save where I'm up to, and upload it to every video, so you'll see a link on the page somewhere for that. You'll be able to download it, and its helpful for you. If you are doing the same video and yours is just not coming up the same, and you're like "How do he do that?" or "Why is mine different?" you can open up my file, compare it with your file and just see what the differences are, they're called completed files.

The other thing you can do is, there's lots of-- they're not called homework, with the kind of things you can do by yourselves, I set some tasks, I'd love to see those projects. Depending on where you're watching this video, it might be the comments that you push, put a JPEG in of what you've done. There are some places that have special places for projects. Any which way, social media, I'd love to see what you are making.

The last thing I'd like to do, it's a bit early I know, but, a review. Reviews and likes are things that really help me while I'm doing these courses. Help my business, and help me grow, and make more courses. A review, once you're happy with the course, even if you're not happy with it, feedback would be great. So, leave a review at any stage. Now, could be a good time, maybe later.