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Adobe InDesign CC - Essential Training

Production Video 1

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, welcome to our first production video. What's a production video? It's where we're not actually learning anything new, we just need to get some stuff done. We'll do a little tips and tricks as we make stuff, but you can skip this video if you like. We're going to go through and actually just put together this cover for our newsletter before we move on. Let's go and do it.

So let's do the cover page, double click page 1, double check down here you're on page 1. I'll zoom out. And you can see the edges, especially when you're working with a full page. I'm just kind of scrolling around with these guys. I'm actually using a little shortcut, if you hold down 'space bar', you'll see your cursor turns into a little hand, and I can click, hold, and drag, I use that quite a bit. I've zoomed out so I can see the edges easily. And I'm going to go to 'File', 'Place', 'Command D', or 'Control D' on a PC. I'm going to bring in 'Garden Center', so make sure you're in your 'Exercise Files', in '03 Newsletter', and make sure you're working with 'Garden Center', click 'Open'. You can click once, or you can click and drag. I'm going to click and drag across, to try and get it all in there. It's a little bit big for it, but it's okay. Remember, 'W' kind of shows you it trimmed up. So it's a nice bit of 'Bleed' there, it's going to go in the bin. So it's going to have a nice edge. Great.

Now we're going to bring in our logo, go to 'File', 'Place', and we'll bring in the 'Black' one, and click 'Open'. And I'm going to click once over here. Make it a little bit bigger, maybe, about this sort of size. And stick it in even bigger. Remember, holding down 'Command' and 'Shift' to do the resizing. And it's going to go in the middle. You've seen the green line appeared to show it's in the middle. You can get it to align perfectly in the middle by opening up 'Window', 'Object', 'Align'. What you can do-- by default it's going to 'Align to Selection', which means it's going to-- if you've got one thing selected, nothing's going to happen. It's when you have two things selected it's going to align to those two selected things. Doesn't make much sense.

What makes sense is I'm going to 'Align to Page'. Switch that out. So now when I hit 'center' it's going to align to the page behind it. Say if I did this side, it's going to align to the page. That only happens if you got that selected. And that could be a pain. Next time you're trying to do it, you're trying to just align two things like we did for the footer numbers, the page numbers, so you might have to go back to 'Selection' afterwards. We're going to leave it at 'Selection', and move him up. Awesome.

Before we go, we're going to go and switch this out for the white one. You're like, "We just put the black one in." I know, it's more of an example. I want you to get used to be able to use this 'Links' panel. Have this selected, you don't have to actually. Make sure this is selected over here, 'Logo Green'. And go to this one that says 'Relink'. And switch it out for the white version. Hey, practice. We're practicing.

Alright, production video over, let's go and talk about Image Resolution.