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Removing a master page & deleting parts off the master page in InDesign.

Daniel Walter Scott

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In this video we're going to have page 1 where it's got no 'Master Page' applied even though the rest of the pages have master pages. So we're going to insert a blank page. And we're also going to look at-- you can see, this still has the 'A Master' applied but it doesn't have the page number, I've just selectively deleted this. Or in this case I could go and change this color of this box. And it's still part of the 'A Master'. So let's go and learn how to do this.

There's two ways we can do this, and it depends on your requirements. This first page, I want to completely remove the 'A Master'. I just want it to be a blank page with nothing on it. What we can do is, you can select on page 1, right click, and go to the one that says 'Apply Master to Page', click on that. And what we can say is, 'To Pages' '1', I'm going to say 'none', please. Click 'OK', and if I double click page 1 now it's got none of that 'Master Page' stuff on it. And that's going to be great for our cover page.

The other way you might implement this is that you want to just delete certain parts of the 'Master Page'. So let's say page 2, I double clicked on it. We want to remove the page number, but we like this colored bar here. So what we can do, there's two ways of doing this, you can right click it, and there's one that says 'Override All Master Page Items', click on this. It's still got the 'A Master' applied. So if I add something to the 'Master Page' now it will still receive it, but you can see, these objects are actually click-able. And I can say, actually I just want to get rid of the page number. So, this side here, because I haven't done it, you can see, I can't select it, or remove it, so this one here, it's still part of the 'A Master' but these objects are actually kind of yanked out. So I can start manipulating, I can change the color of them, I could do some stuff to them. It depends on what you want to do.

Another cool little trick that I use mostly is, say I want to do the exact same thing to page 4, is I hold down 'Command' and 'Shift' on a Mac, or 'Control' and 'Shift' on a PC, and give it a click. That is like a manual way of doing that thing we just did with the 'Override All Master Page Items'. Don't know why that's a shortcut. They make the weirdest shortcuts here in InDesign. Who does that, and remembers that? Maybe I do. So, there's two ways. You can right click the page, and say, I want to apply 'None' to that page, or you can do this 'Override All Master Page Items', and it just pulls them off, and you can individually decide what to delete.