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Why can’t I put text over anything that has text wrap applied?

Daniel Walter Scott

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So what we want to do in this video is we want this text to go over this red box. Sounds simple, but if you're trying to do it now, and it's not working, because you put it over, and it just disappears, it's because the text wrap is not turned on. Same with this little skew number down the bottom here, we want to get this, so it goes over the top of this image even though it's got text wrap applied. So let's go and do that now in this video.

So first up, let's do it to this box here. What's going to happen is, I'm going to bring in-- I've got nothing selected, I'm going to bring in some type using my shortcut now. We're into shortcuts. 'Command D', or 'Control D' on a PC. It's factoid 2. I'll click, hold, and drag it out over here. I'm not going to worry about the styling just yet because we're going to have this first brought on. 'Black Arrow', click, drag, drag. I've kind of half dragged it on to show you what's happened, and you can see the bit that doesn't cover the rectangle is all kind of squished over here, but as I keep moving it across, it really doesn't want to go, because we said, to this red box, "Text Wrap", which affects every single bit of text, even the stuff on top of it.

So what we're going to do is, I'm going to click off. Actually I can leave it there, doesn't matter. And with it selected, I can go to 'Object', and there's one called 'Text Frame Options'. And in here there's one that says 'Ignore Text Wrap'. With preview on, you can see in the background, he's now all good. The same with any objects. Do the same with this guy, I'm going to add our copyright. So I'm going to go down here. Actually I'm going to put in the skew number. So this is a product, we're allegedly selling. And I want it there so that people could buy it as well, but you see, it's getting pushed over. So all I do is, 'Object', 'Text Frame Options', and 'Ignore Text Wrap'. And he's behaving as he should.

Before we go, we'll go through and style this one. I'm going to make it 'Roboto Slab'. And I think, 'Light', can't remember. '16 points'. I'm going to make it 'Black'. When I said black, I meant white. And I'm going to do our Drop Cap. Maybe just 1 in this case. Move it all a little bit. Now I'm just messing about. Maybe a little bit more. I'm going to turn off hyphenation, I even had two, how, I wonder. So, put down that one. That one's actually final size, select it all. What size is it? It is '8'. So you might have to lower yours down a little bit. I'm going to move him up, he's there, he's there, nice.

What I'd like you to do before you finish is, I want you to do an example on page 8. So it looks like this when you're finished. There's page 8. Bring in this image, it's in the '04 Exercise File'. And I want you to put in a little skew number, make it up. If you don't know what skew number is, it's generally the way that shops record product names, or products, so they can use it at the tills, or re-order them, it's the code, rather than the name of the product. Anyway, useless information.

So I want you to bring in this, give it a text wrap, put this skew number on top, and obviously we'll have to get that text to ignore the text wrap so it sits on top. So go through and do that. Send me a screen shot, prove you've done it. I'll give you a high five. And we'll get on to the next video.