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Class Project 01 - Design a flyer

Daniel Walter Scott

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So now its homework time. Well, not homework, it is class exercise time. I'd love for you to go through and do this. When I'm running my in-classroom training I find this is the most valuable part of the whole experience. Instead of following me step-by-step you run into problems, you'd be able to fix them yourself.

Now, like I do in my classroom training, I've got a checklist. I'd like you to do all of these things. So set aside a little bit time now; 15 minutes, 20 minutes, it might take you an hour depending on how fast you're picking it up. The nice thing is you get to do it at home at your own pace. So, go through, and do every single thing on this list, and when you're finished, you can use this thing in your portfolio. You have permission, you can use this in your portfolio, and say this is something that I've made, and it is.

What I'd also like you to do is, send me a copy. You might follow this verbatim, and that's totally fine. I just want to see that you've done it, send it to me. Depending on where you're watching these videos, often there's comments, or class exercise part, stick it in there. Either the PDF, or the JPEG version, or even a screenshot. I'll just work you through this list so let me quickly help you with what you need to do.

Its a new document, easy, but in that new document it needs to be 'US Half Letter', or 'A5' depending on which part of the world you're in. Needs to be a 'Bleed' of 3mm or an eighth of an inch, depending on what part of the world you're from. 'Facing Pages' is going to be turned off. We're going to make a 'Landscape'. I want you to create your very own new library for this client here, called Green Gardener. Add the brand colors, you'll see that in your exercise files, they are there. There is something called-- in '01 Flyer' there's one called 'Class Exercise'. And in here, are your colors, there's the colors there.

There's the checklist that I'm reading through now as well. You can read through at your own time if you don't want to pause this video. And here's some other bits. This is the finished file that you can see in the background here, so you can use that as an example if you get lost.

Other things you need to do, add those brand colors. Add them to your 'CC Library'. You need to use a logo that's in there and one of the images, there's three to pick from. You can use your own, its totally fine. You can use your own logo, your own colors, I'd love you to do that. But if you just want to charge on, and finish them, you can just use the example stuff. Your image needs to be cropped like this one. It's a lot big, we've cropped it down using our special tricks. I want you to make the heading 'upper case'. I would like you to put a 'dashed border', we used a 'dotted' one earlier on.

Create a 'Round all'; 'Round all' is a name of this, like this little round thing with some text in it. I want you to create this with a perfect circle. I want you to 'group' these two together. I want you to 'rotate' them around. Then I'd like you to save and name your file, maybe using the 'V1'. And I'd like you to create a 'PDF with crop marks'. And then send me a version of it, I'd love to see it.

Now, if you get stuck with anything please drop me a comment, or go back through the previous videos. The previous videos will cover everything we've done in here. If you do get lost though, and you're not too sure drop me a message, and I'll give you a hand. Now I promise you, I've been teaching InDesign for about 12 years now, and its the people that actually take the effort, and do these little extra examples, are the ones that pick it up the most. Following me step-by-step is awesome until you run into a problem. Go ahead, do this one. Send me a screenshot, send me a sample. Even if you don't, just keep it on your site, keep it for your portfolio but make sure you do it. Alright, let's go on to the next project. Exciting.