Adobe InDesign CC - Essential Training

What does Adobe InDesign do?

Daniel Walter Scott

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Now, what is InDesign? Basically, its a big Desktop Publishing. Its like a big version of Microsoft Word. Now, Microsoft Word gets you to a certain level but never gets you to that kind of a Pro level. Its quite intuitive, you can teach yourself a bit of it. I've got a full course on Word, if you want to go check that out, it gets into a lot more of the detail, but InDesign is where you kind of-- where Word finishes, InDesign starts.

Now if I'm working in a design agency, or a desktop publisher, or a marketing, or a communications place, and I need to make a flier, a 1-page little flier, InDesign. If I need to make a series of business cards, InDesign. If I need to make some corporate stationery, InDesign. Magazines, brochures, short ones, long ones, if I've got a 400-page book that I'm actually producing, InDesign is the place to go.

It is by far the most essential tool in that kind of Desktop Publishing world. Some of the products for Adobe, there are direct competitors that are just as successful, but InDesign doesn't have one. There's Quark and PageMaker which are kind of-- they're just really old versions of InDesign. You can still use those things, and they do a similar sort of job but you'll find, in terms of an industry tool, getting a job and just-- yeah, InDesign is the place to be for that type of work. Now that my friends, hopefully, is what InDesign is.