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Animate - HTML5 Banner Advertising in Adobe Animate.


Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 48 of 53

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Hey, in this video we're going to talk about what 'Create JS' is, and how to use it properly in your banner ads. So what happens is, Adobe Animate has leveraged-- somebody else has made something called 'Create JS', it's a group of libraries that help animation work on modern browsers. Adobe Animate integrates that into Adobe Animate so that you don't have to worry about it, you just bring your timelines and you export it, but for the underlying things to happen, what it needs to do, if I hit "Publish', and I go and look at my files, I've got my HTML and some Javascript that goes along, so in the HTML here, if I open this up in Dreamweaver, select it in any Code Editor, what you'll see at the top here, for this thing to work it needs to go to this external website,, and download this thing for it to work, otherwise it won't know what it's doing and it will get lost. 

What happens with lots of ad networks is, they say “This will count against your file size, and you can't use it,” because it causes different websites you can't use it at all, but because it's so common they say, "Okay you can use this 'Create JS' library but you have to use our version of it”, and that's easy. What you need to find out is where they're hosting their own version, so in Google, if you Google 'DoubleClick hosted Javascript libraries', you can see here, you're allowed to use Javascript, sorry, Create JS, but you've just got to use their link instead of the one that Adobe Animate produces. I'm copying that, going into this, and actually just switching out this version, they do the same thing. 

So that's Google's one, so if I upload this now, I save it and I zip up all of my files, so this, this, and my images. I zip it up, and I send it to them now, they're going to go through and check the HTML and go, you're not allowed Create JS, hang on, it's our version. You're allowed that version.

It is a reasonably big library. It doesn't count against your file size, your 150KB file size, where it used to. So, just double check whether they're allowed to use the default one, which is the, as you created it, and although your ad network’s got their own hosted version, or they want you to use is the Google one.

That is the 'Create JS' thing in your thingy-ma-bob and why you need to worry about it.