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Animate - HTML5 Banner Advertising in Adobe Animate.

Editing Symbols in Adobe Animate for HTML5

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 21 of 53

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In this episode we'll look at how to edit symbols in Adobe Animate for our HTML5 Banner Ads.

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Okay, in the last video we looked at adjusting the instances, the children. Now were going to look at editing mc Bob. Lets say were going to physically change him, the clients come back and said its not a space alien unless its got a space helmet on. Or a moustache or a hat or something else you want to add to it later on.

So what were going to do is we’re going to go through and edit it and there's two ways of doing it, there's one doing it in isolation mode. So if I double click the icon in here, you'll notice that Bob ends up in the middle of my window, it’s kind of like in the matrix, he’s all by himself and you can do your edits in here. And that’s one way of doing it. You can see I'm inside seeing my mc Bob and mc Bob by himself. I'm going to go back to seeing one. What I prefer to do is double click on him in the scene, because then I can see him in relation to his buddies. You'll notice that if I double click to go back to the scene one. He’s got a bit of alpha applied to him, so he’s a bit transparent but when I double click it to go inside, he goes back to his full original state. And that’s fine, because when I go back out hell go back to his alpha. But while I'm in here, I'm going to zoom in a little bit, remember that’s command + or control + on a pc, I'm going to move across. And I'm going to add a helmet to him by using the pencil tool. Go back to my libraries, it’s going to be a white line, hoe thick is it going to be. That’s a bit thick, maybe down to something like 4. I'm going to make sure that its on smooth, make sure its on 100. And I'm going to put a helmet on him. Great helmet, how many times can I draw this while you're watching. That will do, that’s a space helmet. And what we can do is, I'm going to zoom out, double click to go back into the background and you can see its applied to the actual original symbol and they’ve all got little space helmets on now.

So if you ever have to go and edit a symbol, it might be the logo that you use more than once or it might be the type you’ve turned into a symbol. What you need to do is double click it on the stage, do your edits and then when you're finished, double click to go back. Or you can double click it here in your library and do the same. Just make sure when you're finished end up back at scene one and without any of these little extras along here.