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Animate - HTML5 Banner Advertising in Adobe Animate.

Where did Flash and Adobe Edge Go

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In this episode we'll look at where Flash and Edge went and what that means for the new age of HTML5 Banner Ads.

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Alright in this video were going to talk about where did flash go and where did adobe edge animate go. So to confuse everybody, they’ve done some weird stuff. So originally, all banner ads were done in this thing called adobe flash. So that sits over here, then no body was using it because it got left behind so they created this new product called adobe edge animate. Edge is the key, so they made this cool little product and I've been teaching it for a good while now and just before I started this video course, not just before, maybe 4 or 5 months ago that’s what I was going to do this exact same course about. Edge animate it was great, brilliant I love it but Adobe are now discontinuing it so they're not going to support it anymore. Its still around but they're not going to make a new version so I've had to scrap that one even though I really liked it and we have to move to this new one. this new thing called adobe animate, not edge animate, hes now over there, he’s no longer going to be supported so Adobe animate. What is he?

All he is is adobe flash that was sitting over there, they’ve renamed it, why? two reasons, one is they’ve changed all the technology inside of it, it operates the same, so you still using the timeline animation and you still use all your skills from flash and it looks the same and it works essentially the same but the output is HTML5 but everybody out there in internet land couldn’t get there head around flash is making HTML5 everyone I go to say hey you use flash for your banner ads and they say oh you cant use flash, I say you can because it outputs HTML5 and they say no no, cant use flash it doesn’t work on mobile. And I say yes but the flash program is changed now, it does HTML5 so it can. They're like yeah, don’t use flash, it doesn’t work on mobile and you say okay.

So I can see what Adobe have done but what they’ve done is created a name that mixes them all up. So Adobe flash, adobe animate has become adobe animate. Have I made it any clearer, and adobe animate is just a renaming of the old flash stuff. So you'll find lots of stuff online that’ll say things like the help files have just switched the name so now they say Adobe animate. So there's some really old flash help files that are just being rebranded as adobe animate. And they're making everything a little confusing online. So have I made it any less confusing? Maybe not but were learning Adobe animate. That’s all you need to know.