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Animate - HTML5 Banner Advertising in Adobe Animate.


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In this episode we'll look at the transition from SWF to HTML5 in terms of Banner Ads.

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In this video were going to look at the old school SWF format versus the new HTML5 format. And basically if you're new to banner ads, HTML5 is all you need to be learning but this video is more for the people that like me did the older style, flash SWF banners and have come back to the industry and finding it quite tough and wondered what the hell happened.

Now what happened was apple decided they weren’t going to load flash or the SWF format on their phones, it was really buggy, it was very high on processing power so it zapped the phone battery. There were lots of reasons, politics and all. And slowly but surely everybody’s gone along for that way, for lots of reasons, one of the big ones is that its not open source. HTML5 is something that anybody can do with any kind of editor where as before you had to buy flash which adobe owned and as an industry or as the internet wanted an open source version so we've moved to this HTML5, flash was easy, SWF were easy all you had to do right was, you did your timeline animation then you made sure it was at least 40KB and you added some click tag code. No body had any idea why you added the click tag code but you did and you sent it off and everybody was happy.

Now what’s happening is that we've moved to this HTML5 format and we've got a bunch of new tools, publishing is a lot harder than it used to be and I guess that’s the reason I created this course is because I'm getting so much questions from people trying to get back into this HTML5 stuff so just know that flash is gone and were not using SWF’s anymore. It’s now the world of HTML5.